A Poem Titled Spring
Special Collection 2022

Harmony between sharp design lines and motifs inspired by soft yet vibrant nature, the A Poem Titled Spring collection is like a gentle flow, penetrating every little corner of the senses. , awakens emotions, arouses inspiration, brings a full enthusiasm for new beginnings.

In addition to the technique of shaping and sculpting the wearer’s body, which is L’ALLÉE’s strength, A Poem Titled Spring also brings a vivid, attractive picture of spring in each design through hand-embroidered details. work, delicate sequins and elaborate 3D floral textures. Not only that, the diversity in choosing spring colors to include in A Poem Titled Spring – from red, pink to orange, blue – does not lose the flexibility and harmony needed in a collection. . Because the shades of each color tone are carefully considered, and seem to be “tailor-made” with each material presented, resulting in a beautiful – sharp – sharp overall. Invite her to admire and experience the designs, and tell L’ALLÉE what the spring poem A Poem Titled Spring whispered to her!