Embrace The Moment
Summer 2022 Collection

Choosing light as the next symbol to convey the message of the image of a modern, independent and individual urban woman, Embrace The Moment | Summer Collection ’22 is the opening word for the special story L’ALLÉE wants to convey to her in 2022. Strong, shining – The brave and confident demeanor that has always been present throughout the L’ALLÉE girl’s personality is now portrayed with a very gentle and warm aspect. Like sunlight that both shines and transmits warm energy to regenerate all things.

In Embrace The Moment | Summer Collection ’22, the idea of ​​creating shapes from the lines of light rays, sunlight shadows on architecture and flowers is uniquely conveyed through form building techniques, dissolving pieces to create volumes, and laser-cut 3D flowers. The unique details are also skillfully used by the designer, creating a highlight for the Collection. Explore Embrace The Moment | Summer Collection ’22 and don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to experience this impressive Collection at L’ALLÉE’s flagship store 243 Pho Hue!