Resort '23 Collection

Inspired by the fluid and carefree movement of the natural stream, L’ALLÉE INTO THE WATER | Resort ’23 Collection brings you a complete visual experience with sophisticated portrayal of lines, swirls, intertwined rays of water. Delicate silhouette embedded through various shapes of maxi dresses and jumpsuits; while intricate pleated, twisted details embraced the women curves. Moreover, INTO THE WATER | Resort ’23 Collection exudes a relaxing and refreshing feel with the use of unique materials.

Crinkle Silk, Crinkle Chiffon or Viscose Linen Satin provide a soft, smooth and thin feel while still remain a richful texture with a subtle glow that resemble the moving waves. A soothing palette of avocado green, beige, bright violet help ease the summer heat. Discover INTO THE WATER and embrace a new flow of innovative and fashionable designs from L’ALLÉE!