Le Papillon
Fall Winter 2023 Collection

The caterpilla living inside the cocoon not to hide, but to gain momentum, in order to spread its wings and thrive, shine the brightest when opportunity arise. That’s also the equivalent of a calm women who’s always able to transform and adapt confidently with every challenges. Le Papillon captured that essence with a collection of 18 looks, the result of hundreds of passionate working hour and dedication from L’ALLÉE.

The color palette of Le Papillon | Fall Winter 2023 Collection emphasize simplicity with black, pearly white, gray with a touch of trendy shade that already left an impression from previous collections like lavender, deep red or camel brown. A cafefully selection of linen tweed, warp wool combine with faux leather, velvet elevate the visual of the collection as well as giving an unique experience to wear. Caped sleeves, implying the image of the cocoon, integrate within the collection is a luxurious yet ready-to-wear touch. Various shapes that included pencil skirts, fishtail hemline or A-line dress also make an appearance, adding a wide range of choice for the ladies. Le Papillon | Fall Winter 2023 Collection is a perfect combination of matured, fierce and confident women and modern, trendy vibe. Be the first one to experience the latest designs from L’ALLÉE today!