Pre-fall 2023 Collection

Filled with her own confident, fearlessness, each day for the modern women is a new, exciting experience. No matter where she is, her pesonal style always shine through. PRISTINE CHARM | Pre-fall 2023 Collection is the clear portrayal of that women, contain L’ALLÉE’s heartfelt love for the brave, pioneering women.

Her daily wardrobe is told with a captivating fashion story: From suit, fitted dress for everyday work to elegant, sensual evening wear. Each look of Pristine Charm is a balanced, intertwined design of different elements and cuts. It could be an asymetrical flaps combined with strong shoulders; or it could be pleated, puffed details paired with fitted waistline to accentuate the figure.

Highlighting Pristine Charm is embedded, floral details to showcase intricate L’ALLÉE craftsmanship as well as elevate the designs. The idea of balancing elements is also showcased through a palette of classic black & white, mixed with trendy, fresh shade of lavender, aubergine. Familiar fabric such as Stretch Crepe, Twill with a touch of Line are used for ready-to-wear, graceful feel.

Another chapter of L’ALLÉE fashion story is opened, let’s explore & experience PRISTINE CHARM | Pre-fall 2023 Collection!