1. Hover over numbers or @ symbols for specific measurement instructions.

2. Mandatory measurements are marked with a red asterisk

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Measure from one shoulder's tip to the other, across the top of the back and be parallel with the floor.

Measure around the ribcage just below the bust, where the bra band sits.
Make sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor.

full height from head to toe

Measure around the fullest part of your bust.
(Should wear a well-fitting bra when measuring)

Measure from the shoulder seam where it meets the collar to the nipple.

Measure around the smallest part of the waist
(It’s important to note that this measurement is usually taken well above the belly button).

Measure around the belly button level where the stomach is fullest.

Measure the length of the arm from the shoulder seam down to the wrist bone, following the curve of the arm.

Measure from the belly button navel level to the desired hemline of the trousers.

Measure from the shoulder seam where it meets the collar through the nipple to the waist point.

Measure around the widest part of your booty, below your hip bones.

Measure around the upper arm at its fullest point, typically around the midpoint between the shoulder and elbow.

Measure the fullest point of your thighs, typically around the midpoint between the hip and knee points.

Briar Black Wide Leg Pants
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