The Color of Melody | Spring - Summer Collection 2023

In the Spring – Summer of 2023, L’ALLÉE, give her a colorful song: The Color of Melody. From mysterious black tones to deep reds, trendy magenta and impressive sapphire blues, each color has its own personality, evoking emotions that stir the senses. Above all, the collection contains the melodies of life, with a vital “sharpness”, and depth of sound, a convergence of a variety of “tones” high and low, light and dark, reflecting the journey of life.

Explore Spring – Summer Collection ’23 also brings her new surprises in 3D cutting – sewing, embroidery and flower arrangement, where meticulous handcrafted details are further enhanced. Not only limited to outfits suitable for everyday style, The Color of Melody also offers many eye-catching designs suitable for proms and spring parties—sure to make you shine.